Thursday, September 23, 2010

coconut pralines

OK, they do not exactly take minutes to prepare. However, even rows of ready chocolates on your kitchen table - this view is not the worst reward of your effort.

For 30 quite big pralines you will need:
50    g butter
0.25  cup of milk
0.25  cup icing sugar
100   g coconut flakes
125   g powdered milk
200   g milk chocolate

Also: tiny muffin/pralines cases (mine are from Dr.Oetker, you can find them for example in Dunnes Stores baking section)

Warm up (don't boil!)milk in a medium pot, add butter, wait until butter dissolves. Add sugar, coconut flakes and powdered milk. Mix carefully. Obtained pralines filling should be relatively soft but plastic enough to shape. If you think it is too dense, add some milk. If you consider it too loose, add more powdered milk. Cool mixture down in the fridge (1 hour is enough). 

After  chocolates' filling is cooled it is easy to form it into small balls. The only thing left to do is covering them in melted milk chocolate. I think that the easiest way of melting chocolate is using microwave set at low power option for several minutes rather than water bath (less messy!). Just keep on checking on your chocolate to ensure it is not getting too hot.
Place pralines in cases (do not worry if they do not look perfect or if you smear some melted chocolate on the cases - it is a homemade product after all), wait until chocolate sets and eat!

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