Saturday, October 2, 2010

chicken salad with pomegranate and gorgonzola dressing

This salad screams: summer can't be over. Refreshing combination of juicy pomegranate, chicken and gorgonzola. Not that I hate caesar salad - but it is so nice to try something new. Tip: if blue cheese with its lovely veins makes you sick - go ahead with finely grated mature white cheddar. Might be even better :)

to feed two people you will need:

    1       pomegranate
  200       g (or just one big) chicken breast fillet 
    2       beacon rashers
    3       tbsp oil oil
    2       handfuls of baby spinach leaves
    1       handful of rocket
    8       cocktail tomatoes

  50      g Gorgonzola cheese
 100      g natural, preferably greek yogurt 

ALSO: salt, pepper, sweet red pepper powder to season

Easy cheesy.
Cut chicken breast in thin slices, season with salt and red pepper powder and fry (I used grill pan) on olive oil together with the rashers.
In a meantime mix spinach leaves with rocket. Take two big plates. Place half of green stuff on each plate. Open pomegranate by scoring it with a knife and breaking it open. Separate the arils (red seed casings) from the peel and white membranes. Sprinkle plates with pomegranate arils. Cut the coctail tomatoes in halves and add them to the salad. Arrange the fried chicken pieces on top together with pieces of beacon rashers.

To prepare the dressing simply mix yogurt, cheese plus some salt and black pepper. I used blender but some chunky bits may be interesting as well.

Serve with toasted pita bread.

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